The light: as in reflective or iridescent form; Glow in the dark, color-changing pigments, mirror-effect, metallics, glitter, transparency, contrasty: These are a few of the material’s properties used in Ruby-Jane Fu’s practice.
You can also find these properties in the magic of Mother nature.

She is comprehensive and diverse, so are the subjects of Fu’s paintings.

In nature initially, everything consists of lines, patterns, geometric shapes.
For instance the branches of a tree, are similar in shape to a mouth of a river or to our lung capacity.
This fact is so grand and an endless inspiration to Ruby-Jane as well as interpretable in many ways. “Sometimes I’m about to lose it. Like in philosophy. My brain goes on and on with it.”
This brings Fu to the following aspect: The way you look at things is relatable to the way you feel.
A sense is a result of a sensory perception or mental experience, and vice versa it determines how you perceive.
The subjects for Ruby-Jane’s paintings do have a certain symbolic meaning to her as well.
Art as therapy: pure and therefore hard to explain, mostly intuitive.

In her own words: “I just paint, that’s all. My practice brings me back at the core of things.”
Besides all this Fu is often looking for imperfect perfection. She likes to add “disturbance”; for instance drawing out some “off the cuff” lines while painting a pattern. Referring to Nature; it doesn’t care for perfection, while it does seem perfect.
When you look at a repeating pattern in nature, the closer you look the more imperfect it turns out to be, so-called symmetry-breaking.